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[Enterprise] Dems demand assault weapons ban

Dems demand assault weapons ban

A group of four freshman Democratic lawmakers, including Framingham’s Maria Robinson, have issued a statement to “demand” that Congress ban assault weapons and implement universal background checks for firearm purchases across the United States.

In addition to Robinson, state Reps. Lindsay Sabadosa of Northampton, Nika Elugardo of Jamaica Plain and Tami Gouveia of Acton issued the statement Thursday on the heels of two mass shootings last weekend to “fully denounce the white supremacist rhetoric that continues to be perpetuated and normalized in our country and that is one of the root causes of these acts of violence.”

Massachusetts already has a ban on assault weapons.

“We acknowledge that racist, homophobic, xenophobic, nationalistic and militaristic statements by people in positions of power have continued to bolster white domestic terrorism and the never-ending cycle of violence in our country, particularly when coupled with weak federal gun laws,” the group wrote in the statement. “Therefore, we demand that our federal government act immediately to ban assault weapons and institute universal background checks with no loopholes. While we too offer our ‘thoughts and prayers,’ we acknowledge our own complicity in white supremacy culture and the need to take real and immediate action to stop gun violence and discriminatory rhetoric that plagues our country.”

Seventeen other state lawmakers - all Democrats - signed onto the statement.

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